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The Good News

Mount Zion

Where is Mount Zion? Throughout the New and Old Testament,  Mount Zion is mentioned numerous times. How come the Bible always mentions Zion and Mount Zion as important topics in prophecies and of God’s grand plan? Where exactly is Mount Zion and how can we find it? Spiritual Meaning Zion…

Poem: The Way Of Life

Here’s a little poem about the Life that is in the Son Of God, The Lord Jesus Christ.   The Way Of Life The Son Of God, Jesus Christ is The Way The Truth The Life. When you find him, you will see The Light that gives Life He then…

The Two Witnesses

Who Are The Two Witnesses? The Bible tells us that God will enable his two witnesses to prophecy in the last days. But who exactly are these two witnesses?  And how do we recognize them? The “two witnesses” are the two olive trees and the two lampstands according to the…

Born In The Spirit

When we were born, we were also born with a sleeping spirit.
Our father and mother are the parents of our physical body.
But the Father of our spirit is God.
You don't get to know the mother of your spirit until you are born again.