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A poem: The City Of God

Last updated on June 10, 2021

There is the City of God situated on top of a mountain

There is a word that you will hear before you find it

The truth will guide and light up your path on your way there

You have to walk and not faint to get there

You will pass by the Valley of Death but you should not fear

There is a gate and a door that you need to enter

You start at night and it’s going to be day by the time you get there

You might be asleep now, but you will awaken there

Like a newborn baby,  your new life awaits there

You were once blind, but you will see

Your mother who gave birth to your spirit, you will adore her

She’s the light of the world, a city situated on top of the mountain that cannot be hidden

As if  you’ve reached the end of the tunnel

You will see the light

And will join the king,  the Son Of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Then you will let your light shine even brighter

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